$4.5B Housing and Construction Stimulus Pack Core to Economic Revival

A $4.5B housing stimulus fund that prompts homebuyers back into the market and a surge of housing and infrastructure construction serves as the centrepiece of our new plan to support the industry and Australia’s economic revival.

Today we have launched an economic revival plan to stimulate economic growth, jobs and wages by boosting housing construction following the economic effects of COVID-19.

The plan positions the industry as central to the nation’s economic prosperity and outlines a series of immediate steps for federal and state governments to take.

We’re sending the plan and engaging with federal policymakers in a fresh push that complements the excellent work already being advanced at a state level.

With the right mix of targeted incentives, regulatory reform and collaborative action by federal and state governments, the industry is key to super-charging the nation’s economic recovery.

Now is the time to move from the trajectory of economic stabilisation to one of economic recovery with immediate federally led stimulus to re-kick start the housing market for the bounce back in jobs and economic activity.

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