The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) is the development industry’s most broadly representative industry association with more than 2,500 member companies, spanning top tier global enterprises and consultants to local governments and small-scale developers.

Dedicated to the representation of Australia’s property development industry, we engage positively with Federal, State and Local Governments and their agencies on issues critical to the industry – covering tax, population, infrastructure, land use planning and beyond.

Our National office’s advocacy is defined by our state-representative National Board – and informed by a diverse membership base, extensive network of state councils and committees, and businesses on the front line of housing development around the country.

Key issues at a Federal level impacting grass roots members, are actively communicated to the states offices and coordinated with the National office through the State CEOs, committees, members’ feedback and the National Board. The net result is a resonant, powerful and respected voice both at the state and federal level that delivers sound, evidence-based analysis and solution to government.

What we do

We aim to secure the economic prosperity and future of the development industry in Australia, as we recognise that national prosperity is dependent on the success of housing our communities and building and rebuilding cities for future generations.

UDIA aims to:

  • Promote the achievement of high standards of urban development;
  • Promote respect for the inherited and natural environment, while creating quality, dynamic, built environments;
  • Ensure the skills that make up the membership of the Institute will be applied to principles of good planning, efficient land utilisation and sustainability of resources for future generations;
  • Deliver a broad range of ongoing education and research programs to support and assist the industry and for the benefit of others associated with the urban development industry; and
  • Promote a greater understanding in the community of the role and the achievements of the industry.

Our History

Established at a state level in 1962, the Institute evolved to become a national body with a number of state-based divisions in 1970.

The national body was originally based in Sydney within the NSW office, and in 2008 the UDIA National office was established to focus on influencing Federal Government decisions regarding the urban development industry of Australia.

For some 60 years UDIA has played a significant role in Australia’s urban development landscape, both in helping to shape the process and in winning recognition of land development as a major component of the economy.

UDIA has evolved to become one of the country’s most successful and credible industry bodies, a not-for-profit organisation representing all segments of the development industry.

UDIA successfully serves a diverse membership, working on behalf of a great range of organisations and individuals working within the development industry.

Fulfilling Our Role

With an expanding population, ageing housing stock and ever-changing demography, there is an ongoing need in Australia for the provision of residential, commercial, retail and industrial property in existing and new centres.

UDIA’s primary role is to ascertain impediments to the efficient and effective operation of the industry as a whole and to assist in the rectification of those problems.

Concurrently the industry, as a whole, strives to deliver outstanding products to consumers, and UDIA assists in the achievement of this objective by providing a comprehensive range of member benefits including education programs, information dissemination, and the holding of awards programs at a state and national level.

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