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UDIA Housing Index (UHI)

The UDIA Housing Index (UHI) provides a quarterly ‘health check’ on the state of the new build Australian housing market. 

A critical indicator of industry’s capacity to deliver housing across the spectrum is the economic health of development and construction. This includes access to credit, supply and demand drivers, as well as core indicators like skilled labour, rental and ownership, construction costs, sales and interest rates. 

Drawing from a range of data sources the UDIA Housing Index provides timely indicators of changes in demand, supply and costs for new residential properties across the nation.

State of the Land (SoTL)

The 2024 State of the Land is a critical resource for industry to understand market dynamics, particularly considering the challenging economic landscape. 

The annual report serves as the Government’s “report card” on its efforts to boost housing supply and affordability. It gives an unvarnished account of the traction of Government action and industry health.

UDIA National Housing Pipeline®

The UDIA National Housing Pipeline® is seeking to provide an annual assessment of the State of play of land availability and land readiness for residential development across Australia’s Major housing markets.