Request to Extend Home Builder

Submission to Hon Julie Collins MP Minister for Housing; Homelessness; Small Business

UDIA National is a strong and vocal supporter of the Government’s housing initiatives including the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF), and we are aware there is a developing problem with Homebuilder that will undermine supply of housing if it is not addressed.

In summary, the supply chain delays, COVID 19 shutdowns, and construction company failures have pushed timelines past the completion deadline for Homebuilder dependent projects. This will mean many purchasers are facing default on purchases, if they do not have access to the Homebuilder grant they were eligible to receive. The further complication is that these defaults may, in some cases impede projects that are supplying housing to other Australians.

The solution is simple and does not involve any additional expense to Government. Our members request a 12-month extension of the 30 April 2023 deadline for submission of all required qualifying documentation. The 12-month extension aligns with the 12-month construction commencement extension provided during the COVID pandemic.

Our full submission letter can be found via the download link below

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