Inquiry Submission HAFF and National Housing Supply and Affordability Council Bills

Submission letter to Mr Alan Raine, Committee Secretary, Inquiry into the Housing Australia Future Fund 2023 package of bills

UDIA National supports the Federal Government HAFF and Council initiatives. Our recommendations are aimed at ensuring the HAFF is nimble enough to adapt as market conditions change over the next 5 to 25 years. In particular, we need to provide as many flexible options for delivery, finance and long run support of affordable and social housing as possible. The HAFF represents a significant opportunity for Australia to put in place a framework that can be built upon by Governments to tackle housing affordability, provide affordable housing and support real options for Australian’s to access the fundamental right to long term, secure shelter.

We note that the proposed HAFF legislation introduced into the Lower House and referred to this Inquiry on 10 August are the original bills and have several negotiated refinements stripped out.

Our full submission letter can be found at the download link below

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