Changes to National Construction Code Energy Efficiency Provisions

UDIA National responded to the scoping study in relation to potential changes to energy efficiency provisions, with an emphasis on residential buildings, in the 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC).

We appreciate the scoping study is a pretext to further work that will inform the development of potential changes to the NCC. This is consistent with the objectives and direction the Australian Building Codes Board has received from the Building Ministers Forum.

UDIA National supports the objective of building more energy efficient residential stock and establishing a clear trajectory in the evolution of the NCC that gives industry certainty, transparency and the opportunity to adjust.

This should provide a sensible and balanced framework that recognises the imperatives of energy efficiency alongside the industry’s capacity for innovation and the premium placed on costs by homebuyers.

We encourage the Australian Building Codes Board to continue in a way that considers holistic issues arising from potential changes and that these are underpinned by a cost-benefit analysis, and that it formalises further rounds of consultation.

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