2021-22 Federal Pre-Budget Submission

UDIA National’s 2021/22 pre-budget submission focuses on three core themes:

  • Continue making new residential construction a public policy priority due to the economic significance of the sector;
  • Prioritise policies that both help with the economic recovery, and provide lasting benefits well beyond the period of the pandemic;
  • Ensure a holistic approach to policy and regulatory reforms that deliver a systematic reduction in the barriers to investment in infrastructure, housing and more productive cities and regions.


  • Recommendation #1: Continue to Stimulate the economy via housing construction
  • Recommendation #2: Streamlining Green Tape
  • Recommendation #3: Boosting the Scale and Pace of NHFIC’s agenda
  • Recommendation #4: Reduce the Red Tape on Housing
  • Recommendation #5: Leveraging Infrastructure to Diversify Housing Stock

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