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UDIA’s Housing Index (UHI) provides a quarterly ‘health check’ on the state of the new build Australian housing market. Drawing from a range of data sources the UHI provides timely indicators of changes in demand, supply and costs for new residential properties across the nation.
Unique in the Australian marketplace, the UHI provides a nuanced perspective on the performance of the national housing market new build segment through the assembly of three informing sub-indexes: a Demand Sub-Index; a Supply Sub-Index; and a Costs Sub-Index which feed into an over-arching composite UDIA Housing Index.

A total of ten key data sources are drawn upon to produce the quarterly UHI which includes headline demographic and economic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Reserve Bank of Australia, in addition to bespoke property market data provided exclusively to UDIA from CoreLogic.

UDIA Housing Index Components

The UHI and the three informing sub-indexes, benchmark current quarterly performance against a base index of 100. Index readings higher than 100 highlight stronger than usual market performance, and lower than 100 signifies weaker than usual performance.

The quarterly UHI report also features the UDIA New Housing Market Performance Dashboard: National, which provides benchmarked updates to 26 demand/supply/industry profile indicators (ten of which feed into the three sub-indexes).

In addition to providing a national overview, the UHI report also provides an update on how each State and Territory is performing across the overarching Housing Index.

The UDIA Housing Index and the UDIA Housing Dashboard has been designed for UDIA members, the property development sector more broadly, as well as government policy makers and media outlets to better understand the current performance and trajectory of the national and State and Territory housing markets. By drawing on a range of key-input indicators the UHI is able to cut through single indicator volatility to provide robust and sophisticated insights on the health of the new build residential market to help inform better business and policy formulation decision.

UDIA Housing Sub-Index Components