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Diversity in Development Award

Diversity in Development

UDIA National’s new national Diversity in Development award acknowledges, encourages and most importantly, promotes diversity in development within the property industry across Australia. The aim of the award is to:

Nominee companies should be able to demonstrate diversity in development within their organisation or within the development industry as a whole, and should provide examples in which they have incorporated diversity in development into their workplace, the industry or in relation to a specific project/issue.

Nominee companies must demonstrate how they have had a positive influence on diversity in the development industry. The Award winner will be selected based on a genuine diversity in development contribution to the development industry.


To be eligible for this Award, applicant companies must be a member of UDIA and must have a minimum of 5 years’ continuous operation in the development industry or an associated industry.

Award Criteria

Nominees must:

  1.  Outline the policies their company has in place to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  2.  Provide examples of how these diversity policies have improved their company performance including:
    • Outlining any challenges they have overcome and may still need to overcome, and
    • Innovations and differences they have implemented in their organisation.
  3. Outline a diversity profile of their company, breaking down employees by the Board, Senior Management, Middle Management and other levels and showcase how they believe their company demonstrates best practice in the development industry.