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National Dwelling Commencements data masks a dire issue for housing

Today’s ABS data on residential building activity indicates that the modest quarterly increase in dwelling commencements is masking a much more dire issue.

“In order for us to hit the housing targets we need around 37,800 house commencements nationally every quarter and we are now sitting at only 23,900, that means we are undershooting by 37% on housing,” said Col Dutton, Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) National President.

“We also need around 22,200 multi-unit commencements every quarter and we are under this volume by 36%,” he added.

Source ABS, UDIA

What the graph above shows is that detached commencements are all falling off a cliff since the peak of 2021 and multi-unit commencements are down to the lowest level in a decade.

“The marginal increases revealed in today’s data are hiding a disaster not only for the industry but importantly for the people of Australia desperate to get onto the property ladder if we cannot stimulate new housing supply,” said Col Dutton.
We urgently need government to take action on the following two issues:

More homes more Quickly:

Effective Planning Systems:

Key facts from today’s ABS data national dwelling commencements:


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