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Working Future Report set to boost employment opportunities and rebuild Australia’s skills across industries

UDIA National welcomes the release today of the Government’s Employment White Paper – Working Future – which provides a roadmap that outlines key strategies to build a more productive workforce, boost incomes and living standards and create more opportunities in the jobs market across the entire economy.

“The Government’s roadmap for jobs and opportunities is an important first step to recover the productivity and capacity our industry desperately needs to re-build skills and capacity to deliver the homes for the people of Australia,” said Max Shifman, UDIA National President.

For the housing industry, it is critical that we address critical weaknesses in the jobs market caused by a deeply constrained workforce and the lack of skilled workers during lockdowns- a workforce that has not recovered to this day.

It is no exaggeration that the industry was severely impacted during COVID lockdowns with thousands of key skilled workers being sent back to their nation of origin – overnight the housing industry lost the capacity to maintain peak capacity and every renter and potential first homeowner is suffering as a result.

The latest figures show that even with the current increase in immigration, skilled permanent immigration is 17% below pre-covid levels and temporary skilled visas are 7% lower than needed. This means industry is struggling to get back its pre-covid capacity – at time when construction costs were 40% cheaper and yet housing delivery was still constrained. Now, as construction costs have settled into a new high, we have substantially less capacity to deliver the housing we need.

‘UDIA National has championed increased skilled immigration, greater investment in vocational job training and a nationwide program for ongoing learning that will bring capacity to the market.’

Over the coming months, key industries will dissect the plan and workshop with Government on its implementation. This consultative approach gives us confidence that the systemic issues from a lack of skilled workers can be addressed.

UDIA looks forward to working with Government on implementing the roadmap and rebuilding productivity that will deliver a home for all Australians.


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