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A coordinated migration strategy critical to meet the needs of all Australian residents says UDIA

The proposals contained in the Review of the Migration System final report were welcomed today by UDIA as a critical start for a simpler, streamlined migration strategy.

UDIA National has long advocated for a national strategy that will support stable population growth and allow more effective planning of infrastructure, housing and services to meet the needs of all Australian residents.

“We should be under no illusions that Australia is in an international battle for skilled labour and a coordinated immigration strategy is critical to attracting the talent and resources needed to support productivity and secure our economic future,” said Maxwell Shifman, UDIA National President.

Australia’s immigration has, in the past, helped boost productivity, staved off recessions and is a foundation stone of our economic and multicultural success. However, the current system has struggled to keep up with demand for a skilled workforce. This has compounded problems, with skills shortages pushing up housing costs and choking supply right at the time we need it most, to support growth in the economy.

“UDIA congratulates the government on introducing critical initiatives, including raising the income threshold for Temporary Skilled Migrants and providing a pathway to permanent residency that will free up labour productivity and enhance the attractiveness of Australia as an international destination for highly skilled workers,” said Mr Shifman. UDIA is keen to work with the Government to coordinate our immigration strategy that takes into account the needs of the community and industry in a system that is equitable and supports Australia’s ambitious agenda for boosting productivity.

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