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Report on Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps identifies a greater need for proactive planning

Urban Development Institute of Australia welcomed the Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps report released by Infrastructure Australia today.

Commenting on the report, UDIA National President Maxwell Shifman said “Greater investment in infrastructure and job creation is needed in regional area as Australians change their work and lifestyle choices post-pandemic.”

The greatest issue impacting housing affordability and delivery of new housing supply is the urgent need to provide enabling infrastructure in both urban and regional areas, to turn vacant land into development ready land.

“Affordability issues in regional areas are caused not by a lack of vacant space, but by shortage of development ready land… land that is zoned, serviced and with biodiversity arrangements in place.” said Mr Shifman.

The Commonwealth Government also has the opportunity to maximise return for its infrastructure investment by linking funding to the state delivering sufficient development ready areas, and by ensuring that infrastructure charges are actually used for the purpose of supporting emerging communities.

The increase in regional migration due to COVID driven requirement/preference for working from home and relocating outward into the regions is evidenced in a UDIA Home Purchaser Sentiment Survey, where 33% of Sydney respondents indicated an interest in moving outward, whether to outer suburbs or to the regions.

“The solutions UDIA proposes to these challenges are relatively simple and inexpensive for governments. They just need to make the conscious decision to tackle the delays plaguing new housing delivery. Now is an opportune time to work closely with the development industry to drive better economic outcomes with some relatively simple policy choices,” said Maxwell Shifman.


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