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Welcome Spotlight on Infrastructure Reform

Infrastructure Australia’s 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan places a welcome spotlight on the need to plan for the sustainable growth and liveability of our cities and regions, according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

UDIA National – the nation’s peak body representing the property development industry – has praised the focus on long-term thinking in the report released today.

“The prosperity and liveability of our cities and regions will continue to demand the right pipeline of infrastructure be in place to support their growth,” said UDIA National President, Simon Basheer.

“COVID-19 has disrupted the pace of population growth, but it will inevitably return and be matched with shifting demographics between cities and regions.

“That’s why long-term thinking about the way we plan, fund and deliver infrastructure is essential, and IA’s report meets the mark.

“It has a welcome focus on turbocharging and yielding the maximum benefits from the recovery phase but doing the hard work now to plan for what’s needed in the years ahead.

“The report has a particular focus on creating great places and eyeing off opportunities to support growth in the regions – which is clearly aligned with industry thinking.

“There are clear infrastructure backlogs across our capital cities, with enabling infrastructure needed to support new housing supply stymied by poor funding and planning models

“This point was reinforced by another report earlier this week by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation, which also said infrastructure charges add up to $85,000 to the cost of new housing

“We hope policy makers embrace the challenges presented by the IA report and begin the task of transforming the way we build connected, liveable cities, regions and communities.”