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National population plan a critical new policy tool

Australian cities and regions will be able to better plan for the economic and social dividend of growth with the launch of a new National Population Plan, according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).

The Commonwealth Government has today announced details of its National Population Plan, building on the recent creation of a new Centre for Population Growth and changes to the migration program.

The initiative has been welcomed by UDIA’s National Executive Director Connie Kirk.

“Immigration and population growth have been an essential ingredient of the modern Australian story, adding to the nation’s collective prosperity,” Ms Kirk said.

“Our population will keep growing so we need to stay ahead of the task of understanding its implications.

“A clear national plan that includes rolling short and long-term forecasts, maps settlement patterns and informs land use, housing, infrastructure and service delivery is crucial.

“We can also use the opportunity to open a stronger dialogue with the community around the trajectory and consequences of change that can create stronger, more prosperous cities and regions.

“A major plus of the plan is it leans on the states to help inform settlement patterns and then structures the migration and visa program to meet workforce needs.

“This should means the states are better placed to deliver on the land use, infrastructure and housing needed to sustain known rates of growth.

“Migrants have always brought skills, workforce capability, wages, tax revenue, diversity and improved productivity to the table.

“The new National Population Plan shows a willingness to harness these assets and tie them to a population policy framework that enhances the national economy.”

Population is one of UDIA’s key policy platforms and was included in the National Policy priorities for the new Government launched in June this year and can be accessed at www.udiapriorities.com.au

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