Winner - Essendon Fields by Essendon Fields, VIC

Judges' Comments

Essendon Fields by Essendon Fields Pty Ltd (Vic) Essendon, has played a major part in Australia’s aviation activities since 1921 including the period 1950 to 1970 when it operated as Melbourne’s International Airport.

In 2001, a 99-year lease was granted for the airport, leading to the re-establishment of this highly strategically located property from a run-down neglected aviation facility, into what is now a vibrant commercial hub known as “Melbourne’s place for business”.

The judges noted the diversity of development delivered, including a blend of offices, supermarkets, a luxury hotel and events centre, retail, medical centre, car dealerships, DFO and Homemakers hub. The new facilities have been delivered with an emphasis on quality architecture and underpinned by infrastructure upgrades and highly detailed landscaping treatments throughout.

Further evident was the emphasis on retaining the site’s heritage that has led to the systematic conversion of existing buildings into new up-to-date compliant office accommodation.

The outcome of the redevelopment only 10kms from Melbourne’s CBD has been a significant impact on development and economic activity within the local region.

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