Winner - Brisbane City Council, QLD

Judges' Comments

Brisbane City Council – City Planning and Sustainability clearly lives and breathes diversity. Its integrated diversity policies are lived, resulting in a loyal workforce which reflects the communities in which they serve – cohesive internal and external communities of inclusion, presenting them with their competitive edge.

Brisbane City Council’s approach focuses on implementing genuine diversity and inclusion initiatives, despite the challenges – evolving from viewing diversity and inclusion as an act of compliance, to one where leadership and policies recognise and acknowledge the positive value of engaging with and embracing human difference. By bringing enquiring minds to work without judgement, a new organisational paradigm in thinking has been created.

Brisbane City Council has been able to increase competencies in cultural awareness, build a greater understanding of the communities it serves, achieve better engagement, increase staff loyalty and attain higher productivity and customer service outcomes.

Brisbane City Council is taking its diversity policies one step further to help accelerate our property and development industry diversity goals. Before any engagement, Brisbane City Council is now requesting its stakeholders also provide evidence of their diversity policies, holding not only themselves to account but also third parties in the procurement process. Internally, Brisbane City Council is also transforming its systems, processes and office design to reflect diversity.There is clear evidence it is fostering inclusive leadership capabilities, investing in its people and building a diverse workforce.

Brisbane City Council encourages its people to develop capabilities to reach their full potential in a culture of generosity, that embraces challenge, diversity, innovation, flexibility and continuous improvement. The end result is an accountable, outcome focussed organisation, experiencing better community and industry engagement, higher customer service levels and a diverse workforce.

Brisbane City Council does indeed have a deep understanding of what it means to be inclusive and models this at every opportunity – a blueprint to follow.

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