Winner - Jingeri by BHC Creating Liveable Communities, QLD

Judges' Comments

First impressions of Jingeri‘s striking architecturally designed building belies the fact that it contains ten very affordable one bedroom apartments for adults living with a disability.

Despite its primary purpose, the building sits comfortably within the local streetscape with its cleverly designed, screened balconies offering privacy to the street. Attractive landscaping and fencing treatments leading to a recessed entry make it indistinguishable from any conventional project.

Ideally suited to its carefully selected resident profiles, the site abuts a train and bus station immediately to the rear with direct access via a public lane on a side boundary. As a consequence it is noted car parking provisions have been reduced, and utilised more by visiting carers and parents rather than by residents.

The judges were highly impressed by the internal design of the building with interiors delivered to a high affordable standard whilst meeting the needs of the occupants.

Jingeri has demonstrated an admirable response to a chronic market shortage of suitable affordable housing for adults with a disability with income constraints limited to the Disability Support Pension.

The judges concur with the comment from BHC Creating Liveable Communities that “this is their best development to date”.

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