Winner - Queensland Country Bank Stadium by Department of Housing & Public Works (QLD)

About the Winner

The 25,000 seat, multi-purpose regional stadium in the Townsville CBD by Department of Housing & Public Works maximises the available planning synergy, provides ample pedestrian plazas and efficient vehicular drop-off and servicing.

The highly successful design, construction and operation of the stadium illustrates the transformative results that can occur from a partnership between all levels of government through Australia’s first City Deal.

The judges were highly impressed by the scale and purpose-built design of the project which has transformed Townsville, providing a significant catalyst in attracting investment and supporting local job creation in and around the city area. In addition to the high-quality architecture of the buildings, the overall site planning uniquely reflects the Townsville landscape. 

This project should be lauded for the increased capability for regional sporting events, the improved urban connections it has facilitated within the town, the ongoing economic benefits and the overall profile raising that has occurred in the North Queensland region. 

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