Winner - Development Victoria (VIC)

About the Winner

As the Victorian Government’s development arm, Development Victoria (DV) builds affordable homes, revitalises iconic public buildings, creates important cultural and recreational facilities and repurposes public land.

Development Victoria (DV) has an outstanding culture of Diversity and Inclusion. For the last three years DV has maintained gender balance across the organisation as a result of significant training in the understanding of ‘unconscious bias’ and embracing diversity and inclusion, rather than using mandatory targets.

As a consequence of its positive actions, gender balance has been largely achieved across all levels of the organisation, including its Board and Executive Leadership Team.

DV has also been building meaningful partnerships with Aboriginal communities with successful engagement with Traditional Owners on many projects.

DV does not have a single specific Diversity & Inclusion Policy, but rather has embedded Diversity & Inclusion in all other policies and practices.

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